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We are committed to improve accessibility to support services and facilities; and to support this commitment, we have tried to provide the best facilities of mobility aids for the patients. 

facilities available in the section include

  • Rooms: amenities such as refrigerator, internal telephone, wardrobe, desk, bed, mobile, TV, bathroom and sanitary, disposable consumer items such as bed sheets, pillowcases, clothing, etc.
  • Sections: Table for Tayammum, walker, wheelchair, stretcher, magazines, newspapers, books and educational pamphlets


When you are admitted to the hospital, to use the service, you should keep the following tips in your mind

o The time for food distribution is set in way not to interfere with your therapeutic process or visiting process by doctors and not create difficulties in providing therapeutic process. Your food is prepared according to the recommended diet.
o If you are hungry between meals or you need help to eat, tell your nurse and do not worry about it.
o Turbah and the prayer rug is placed in the patient's room. Also, the praying room is located on the first floor. (Due to the mosque located in the same streets with the hospital, for religious practice, you can go to it)
o If you need to pray or if you need the presence of a religious clergyman in the duration of your hospital stay, tell your nurse to do the necessary arrangements for their presence.
o If you need to read books, newspapers, magazines and educational materials, let your nurse know.
Servicing Type of service The time of the service delivery location Description
Food Distribution Breakfast 6:30 - 7:30  The patient's room  
Lunch 14-12 The patient's room
dinner 19-18 The patient's room
Snack time Tea with date 11-10 morning The patient's room  
Fruit - Mineral water - tea 16:30-16 pm
The praying room   All hours The first floor  
Expendable materials bags Providing personal items such as clothing for operating room, thermometer, spoons, forks, cups, napkins, slippers and ... .   The ground floor  

Insurance experts rooms

(Health / social security)

Responsive to clients regarding insurance issues 13-7:30 The ground floor  
Sepah Bank banking services


Thursday - Friday

 14- 7:30

The ground floor – in the yard  
ATM   All hours Ground Floor  
linen   Every day, morning and as needed a patient's room  
Public phone     the hospital yard  
Internet   All the duration of patient residi a patient's room  
Public transportation   The entrance gate of the hospital Hospital door