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Mission Statement Sa’di Hospital

Sa’di Hospital, in Isfahan, enjoying the dedicated, professional and experienced staff and using the most advanced facilities and equipment, provides specialized services in the field of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology and emergency. The mission of Sa’di Hospital is to provide comprehensive services for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, care, education and research in their respective fields at the highest level of quality for patients and visitors in order to provide their consent in the shortest time possible. So:

We use the strategic quality management system that include quality management techniques, cooperative management, risk management and clinical governance and Accreditation of Health in order to have continuous improvement in all its current activities. We try to be an effective, efficient and competitive hospital in terms of service, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, education and research in their respective fields at national and regional level.

We respect our employees and their efforts. We use all our efforts to attract the satisfaction of human resources as the most valuable asset of the hospital.

By the establishment of standards and accreditation in hospital, we have been trying to get to our noble objectives in the provision of health services.

We are responsible and accountable to provide health services for patients. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of our activities.

By respecting the views and ideas of others and their deployment in the organization, we help to develop innovation and creativity.

We try to be a leader in the field of competition by providing high-quality health services in the shortest possible time.

To promote health and prevention of various diseases, we try to provide continuous training.

We do our best to catch customer satisfaction to be a leader in this field.