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Vision Statement Sa’di hospital

We are trying to satisfy our clients with our services completely by the end of 2016. We try to show themselves as a responsible, committed and accountable hospital to our obligations to them. We do our utmost to provide services needed with the quality level higher than customers’ satisfaction. Our staff have the full authority; they have received the necessary training to provide best service for customers. Our internal processes are organized in such a way that the expected results are associated with the highest level of quality so that satisfy patients, the staff, administrators, relevant organizations, communities, the environment and the international community which will lead to the creation of a healthy society. Patients, customers, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers of goods and services and generally the members of the community trust and respect us

Therefore, vision Statement of the Sa’di hospital is as the following

We intend to provide hospital services with high quality in a way that by the end of 2016 in Isfahan 

We will be the best and safest hospital in providing health care.

Patients, employees, shareholders and the community will be very satisfied with our services.