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In this hospital, we believe in the following values

We are responsible and accountable to the community as well.
Learning and innovation has always been the forefront of our activities.
We are trying to meet the patients' needs professionally, effectively and efficiently.
We do our utmost to keep and protect the secrets of our patients and the hospital staff.
Professionalism and the rule of law and justice is the cornerstone of hospital activities.
Organization management creates transparent relations with staff, patients and the community.
We appreciate our staff's efforts in order to provide quality services for patients efficiently.
We're trying to create a safe and healthy working environment so we can achieve the above values.
We treat and respect all members of society, patients, their families and our colleagues based on religious values and beliefs.
Faith and honesty is on top of our relationships with patients, their families and the hospital staff and the community in general.
Cooperation, partnership and teamwork of the hospital staff enables us to provide the highest possible level of quality of the public services.
Continuous improvement of quality of service is very important to us. We are trying to achieve levels of excellence in the provision of health services.
We respect and reverence our customers (patients, their families, etc.) as a principle; and we do our best in order to increase their satisfaction level.
We are committed to the quality of the hospital services and this leads to offer health services needed by the community in the best way as possible with high quality in a safe and quiet environment.
Involvement of patients, their families and the staff is very important in the process of hospital management; we are always open to receive suggestions and constructive criticism by patients, their families and staff as well.
The hospital is aware of the fact that the quality of human resources is the key to achieve their goals; therefore, the hospital is committed to the quantitative and qualitative development of human resources and tries to take advantage of proper human resource management strategies to develop their human resources in order to employ caring, committed and honest staffs in order to provide hospital services.